Why can fiber lasers quickly occupy the market?

Why can fiber lasers quickly occupy the market?

2022-08-15 18:02:43 admin

With the restorative growth of the global economy and the rapid development of laser technology, laser cutting technology has been widely used in aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing and other key industries. The advent of fiber laser cutting machine undoubtedly has epoch-making significance in the whole history of laser cutting. As we all know, the light source is the most core component of the laser cutting machine. There is a problem that deserves our attention, that is, why can the fiber laser quickly occupy the market and be widely praised as the light source of the cutting machine in a short time? The following editor will tell you about it.

Why can the fiber laser as the light source of the cutting machine quickly occupy the market in a short time and be widely respected? To sum up, there are mainly the following points:

1、 The wavelength of the fiber laser is 1070nm, which is 1 / 10 of the wavelength of the CO2 laser. This is conducive to being absorbed by metal materials, so that it can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, pure aluminum, brass and other highly reflective materials faster than the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.

2、 The beam quality is high, so that smaller spot diameter can be realized. Even in the case of longer working distance and deeper focal depth, it can still provide fast processing speed and greatly reduce workpiece tolerance. Taking the IPG 2kW fiber laser cutting machine as an example, the cutting speed of 0.5mm carbon steel can reach 40m / min.

3、 Fiber laser is the laser with the lowest comprehensive use cost, which can save a lot of costs. Since the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber laser is as high as 30%, the utility cost of electric energy and cooling is reduced. Taking 2kW fiber laser and CO2 laser with the same power cutting 2mm thick stainless steel with liquid nitrogen as an example, the cost of fiber laser per hour is 33.94 yuan less than that of CO2 laser. Based on 7200 hours of work per year, a 2kW fiber laser can save as much as 250000 yuan per year compared with CO2 laser with the same power; At the same time, the cutting speed of the fiber laser is twice as fast as that of CO2. In addition, the cost saved in later maintenance and land occupation makes the fiber laser cutting machine the preferred sheet metal processing system for many manufacturers.

4、 Ultra long pump diode life and maintenance free make fiber laser a priority for manufacturers.

The pumping source of the fiber laser adopts the electric grade high-power single core junction semiconductor module, with an average time between failures of more than 100000 hours. The single core junction semiconductor module does not need water cooling, and can be easily introduced into the double clad fiber with high efficiency, without complicated optical focusing and light guiding system. The single core junction can produce the same high output power, higher beam quality and longer operation time as the array. The active fiber core diameter of the fiber laser is very small, which avoids the thermal lens effect of the traditional laser. The energy transmission is carried out in the fiber waveguide, and no separate components are required. The fiber grating replaces the cavity mirror in the traditional laser to form the resonant cavity. The characteristics such as no adjustment and maintenance are required, so the fiber laser basically does not need maintenance during use.

5、 The fiber laser has ultra-high stability, and can still work normally under certain impact, vibration, high temperature or dust and other harsh environments, showing extremely high tolerance.